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Premium-braided coiled USB-C Cable ⌨️
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Elevate your gaming and work-from-home setup with our premium Coiled Cable, meticulously designed to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Tailor-made for gamers and professionals, this cable is the ultimate solution to upgrade your keyboard's appearance and performance.

Featuring sleek and durable aluminum connectors, our Coiled Cable stands out from the standard plastic wires that often accompany keyboards. The high-quality craftsmanship ensures reliable and uninterrupted connectivity, giving you the peace of mind you deserve during intense gaming sessions or important work tasks.

The coiled design of the cable adds a touch of sophistication to your setup while effectively minimizing cable clutter. Its flexibility allows for easy extension and retraction, adapting effortlessly to your desired length, thus providing a clean and organized workspace.

Not only does our Coiled Cable enhance the visual appeal of your keyboard, but it also delivers exceptional data transfer and charging speeds. Whether you're gaming, typing, or collaborating, this cable is designed to meet the demands of modern technology.

Upgrade your gaming or work setup today with our premium Coiled Cable and unlock a new level of style and functionality for your keyboard. It's time to showcase your passion and professionalism with a cable that truly complements your setup.


Cable Specs:

  • Designed for keyboards with USB-C connection
  • USB Type A host connection


  • 5ft (1500mm) of USB-A host cable length
  • 4in (100mm) of host connector to coil
  • 5.7in (145mm) of coil length
  • 4in (100mm) from coil to USB-C connection
  • Total Length of Cable: ~6ft (~1800mm)


  • Coiled Cable Kit
  • Carrying Case for Coiled Cable
  • Deskr Sticker
  • Premium branded packaging


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