Power is out, but Deskr doesn't stop!

Power is out, but Deskr doesn't stop!

Saif Momin

Due to the recent influx of emails regarding delayed orders, we decided that it was time to shift plans on fulfillment of orders. Our power is still out at the office, and we hope for it to be back by the end of the week. We worked past this and decided to pack orders remotely!

All orders that were placed and were pending since Saturday evening have been fulfilled and shipped out today. This applies to all orders that were placed till Feb. 17th, before 3 pm CST.

Through the power disruptions and winter storm, we also experienced technical issues on Shopify when purchasing shipping labels. Even though we experienced quite a few hurdles, we wanted to let our members and customers know that we are committed towards providing the best service possible!

We took these obstacles as an experience to build off for the future. Thank you to everyone for the support and Deskr will keep on moving forward!

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