Meet Saif & Nabeez

Deskr (noun)


Definition of Deskr:

  • The land of desk accessories
  • Location or haven for premium desk accessories

Ex: "My setup needs more personality and I can't seem to fix it. Oh wait! Let me visit Deskr!"


After years of spending time in the gaming community, we started discussing our ideas and seeing how we could merge them together. The creation was Deskr - founded by gamers. The purpose of Deskr is to provide premium quality desk accessories that add comfort, style, and personality to your battle-station.


Deskr isn’t satisfied with just desk mats. We plan on growing our products from desk mats to other related products such as: keyboards, computer mice, and much more. The plan is to release new products along with new designs every few months so that your set up can always stay fresh. Deskr is always willing to listen to the community so do let us know what you guys are interested in! We want to keep this community satisfied and excited for upcoming products and the feedback we get will be instrumental in us doing that! Be sure to join our Discord so you too can help us contribute to this community!

Nabeez Maknojia


Game of Choice: Rocket League
Discord Username: Nabzio#9423

Saif Momin


Game of Choice: Valorant
Discord Username: UltraSAFE#9252