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Kayden Juedes
Minor issues

The mousepad looks phenomenal and feels great but I have to give it 4 stars because there is a minor issue in the edge stitching and it doesn’t look very good in that spot. While yes it’s hard to notice it does bother someone like me who notices these things and is bothered otherwise 10/10 recommend



- They sound great, not mushy at all quite snappy I'd say

- The texture is nice to feel, not smooth but like a very fine rough matte texture

- Print quality on the keycaps seem to be good, doesn't look like they will come off anytime soon or easily stained

- Packaging is quite nice and can be used to store/ display the keycaps


- Packaged poorly

Didn't get a picture but when received, the keycaps looked like they got thrown inside the box making me search one by one for each keycap that I needed

- Missing Keycaps

Website states that %65 keyboards are compatible with this set, unless I am missing a keycap or they meant to put an '' * '' next to compatible, it means that I had to use the wrong keycap profile to finish the keyboard. I believe the keycap profile is cherry, couldn't find it on the website, and each row of keys have the same profile, except for my board where the right side uses a different profile because there was no other key to use.

- Low tolerance

keycaps vary in size that you'd never notice unless you have them evenly lined up in a row... spaces and gaps are found between keycaps because of this.

- thin keycaps?

I have never had this before, but the LED's shine through thin parts of the keycaps, while also not on thicker parts of the keycaps.

- Prints on the keycaps don't match the pictures

I am sure the pictures of the keycaps are just renderings and not actual keycaps, but all of the characters looked like someone hit BOLD and then print, some keys just look goofy because of how little space there is in itself.

Lastly, the "canyons" themselves. Again, they look great in the renderings, but there are 3 issues here. The first is that it looks like the alignment of the canyons don't line up with other keycaps. It looks like every keycap was printed individually and added to other keycaps instead of one whole complete picture printed on all of them at once. The second thing is that 2D doesn't translate well to 3D. Even if the lines of the canyons did line up, it would look like it doesn't because the lines would be hidden behind the keycaps itself. Lastly, the BOLD font is here as well, it just doesn't look nearly as good as the renders.


All in all, it just feels like they grabbed cheap keycaps, quickly/ sloppily slapped on the canyons, stuffed the keycaps into boxes, and shipped them out. I will absolutely admit that some of the things I consider a CON is picky and doesn't mean the keycaps don't work, but if there's anything mechanical keyboard enthusiast are, it's being meticulous. I have purchased keycap sets for less money, with higher quality. Needless to say, I don't feel like I would buy anything anymore from Deskr.

Hey! We appreciate you taking out the time to review our keycaps and we'd like to preface this by saying we apologize for any inconvenience your purchase may have caused and we'd be more than happy to work a solution for you through our support.

Few pointers to mention, our set is compatible with standard 60% and 65% layouts, if there is any confusion on this we do also attach a layout image to reference for compatibility (found under specifications of product page)

Secondly, our keycap set is a dye sub set which will have variance for printing amongst all other dye sub sets that exist in the mechanical keyboard world. We do individually inspect our keycap sets but there can be few issues that slip away from our quality checks; which we are more than happy to fix through our support!

Third point, this set was created to offer our customers who enjoy our topographical representation of the Grand Canyon another product to pair in their setup; excluding our deskpad line: Topograph Deskpads

Fourth point, we had received numerous feedback on our packaging and shipping process for the keycap sets, which we recently updated to ensure maximum padding and security of the package during transit by adding foam inside the packaging and taping the keycap box on both ends so the keycaps stay secure. You can see the process now in our most recent TikTok video posted 1/21/22: Packaging of CanyonCaps (Updated)

Fifth point, as for our keycap profile, our set does have compatibility for all Cherry MX switches and the keycap itself is 1.4mm in thickness. We do not characterize our keycaps as being 'thick' on our site neither do we misinform our customers; but future sets we are working on producing prints on thicker keycaps.

Lastly, as for our review system, we do not delete any reviews. The app we use to facilitate reviews has an auto-flagging system for reviews that are 3 stars or below. This is in place to avoid spammers from posting unsolicited reviews on our site and causing confusion to potential customers. We have plenty of reviews from spam/bot accounts that come giving 1-star reviews on our products which are unverified. We value trust and feedback, and we will respect all our customers opinions and move forward with it. Your review will be posted, and will be replied to during our business hours.

Again, I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused with our set and we'd be more than happy to work it out with you in our support. We will definitely take this feedback and improve our upcoming keycap set line.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Saif M.

They feel and look great.

I got these keycaps because I know I was going to build myself a keyboard for Christmas. They absolutely feel great and smooth. They compliment the sound of the switches, unlike my other keycaps. I would definitely get the white ones next time if I decide to do another keyboard! I definitely recommend these keycaps. Maybe other colors?

Great quality, looks amazing.


I was really hesitant about getting the mouse pad because I didn’t want to get one that looked cool but felt bad, but I’m happy to say that this mouse pad feels and looks really good.

Saul Dominguez
Mousepad Review

Mousepad designs are great! This is the 3rd mousepad I buy from you guys and I love it! Fits perfect with my theme setup

Victor Camino
Been looking for a desk pad like this for a long time

Only been using my new desktop for a little over a year now but one of the main thing I was looking for was a proper desk pad. So happy I came across Deskr, super satisfied with the design and overall FEEL of the pad. Makes gaming infinitely better knowing I can have a desk mat that allows my mouse to glide smoothly.

Just what I needed

Fits my setup, easy to clean.

Aiden Monistere
Skyline night

Amazing I upgraded a bit of my set up and heard about the company and i love it. It looks amazing and feels amazing.

Marcel Rasokat
Don't get one anywhere else

Here's the deal folks. If you find a design on this site that you like or is perfect for your setup, BUY IT.

This company cares about quality and customers. The colors are abbolutely stunning and exactly as as described (may blind you due to how vivid and bright they are.

Make sure you check the size measurements 🤣🤣. They are pretty large.

These pads fit so good with my setup and im truly happy i found them.

Overall, I will 1000% never take my business elsewhere. Cant wait to get some more with current and future designs. 12/10 all around.

Riley Craven
Exactly what I always wanted

Have always been a huge fun of topography and been looking for a keycap set just like this. PBT material feels great and does not leave oil marks from fingers. Overall a fantastic set! Can't wait to see what other colorways/sets they do!

Gunner rardon
Love it.

Quality and overall it’s the best mouse pad I’ve had. I love bigger mouse pads and this one is definitely the best.

Nathan Smith

Great product. Shipped quickly and undamaged. Looks great

ben dover

good mouse pad

Great pad! Amazing quality


perfectly sized for my desk, love the design, and the print is quality and won’t wear off any time soon. doesn’t have the greatest mouse glide but that’s probably not what you’re looking for when it comes to this sort of mousepad.

Carter Clements



Amazing design that fits my taste and covers my desk. Couldn't ask for more!

John Thomas
Great DeskPad! Great Quality!

I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. It actually was quite literally THE perfect fit for my desk set up, size wise. If you’re thinking about getting a mouse pad then definitely look here!

michael bodiford
Best thing I’ve bought for my set up so far

The mouse pad is so smooth my mouse just glides across with barely any force, it’s straight up amazing.

Ethan Rojas

great mousepad

April nelson


WoB: Get Ready to be Wow'ed

I bought these for a future build, so no h-core testing yet but initial thoughts are pure praise:

(1) They feel and sound amazing
(2) The topo lines are just as clean/strong as the advert pictures indicate. The font is clear and bold.
(3) The black base color is unique among blacks: dullish-flat black (think chalk board or zerox-copy) with a nearly imperceivable blue hue. Personally, I like this and think the contrast provides greater dimension (in a black case), but for those seeking the deepest/darkest blacks, you might find the black to be on the lighter side (but barely).

In short, if you like topo patterns, these will not disappoint.

Xander Oldham
They look nice and feel great.


Sarah Campbell
Perfect everything.

I love these keycaps! The font is cute and the aesthetic they create is awesome. I matched these with one their desk mats. Great brand!