We at Deskr strive to provide the absolute best experience for our customers. Shipping is a tedious job and it should be done right, that's why we personally package your products so it can be delivered with assurance of quality and security. No fulfillment centers attached to our logistics.


All orders are fulfilled and shipped within 1 business day (exception of holidays). Once our carrier has received the package, shipping speed and delivery times are then dependent on the service chosen at checkout.

Shipping Info Regarding Carriers (Domestic):

  • USPS Priority Mail: Through this service, customer can expect to receive package within 5 business days. Please be aware of potential delays that may be faced by carrier, which is out of Deskr's control.
  • UPS Ground: Through this service, customer can expect to receive their package based on the estimate provided on the checkout page. Please be aware of potential delays that may be faced by carrier, which is out of Deskr's control.

Shipping time can vary from location to location, and region to region. Please check your tracking number for the best updates regarding the delivery of your package.


We offer international shipping on all of our products that are listed on our site. Please advise, international shipping rates presented at checkout reflect travel distance of package, and any import taxes and duties needed to be paid upfront.

For our UK Customers:

  • For our UK customers, due to the new VAT Laws implied through Brexit, starting January 2021 all duties and taxes must be collected at checkout to comply with UK VAT Laws.
  • UK customers will be checking out with the product cost, shipping cost and duties/taxes.

All other International Customers:

  • International customers not in the UK will only be paying for the product and shipping at checkout . Duties and taxes will be charged post delivery and it is the customers responsibility to pay the duties and taxes. We are not implementing taxes and duties at checkout due to the variances across countries. This will allow for us to streamline our shipping logistics as well as cheaper solutions for our customers.


Deskr will not be responsible for any orders that were lost or damaged during transit. Once the package has been sent to the shipping carrier, Deskr removes all responsibility and is then transferred over to the shipping carrier.

To coupe with possible order issues during transit, Deskr will offer Route Insurance to better assist with any lost/stolen/damaged orders. Do note, the option to purchase Route Insurance must be added by the customer on placement of the order. Orders do not automatically qualify for Route Insurance; it must be added at checkout.


If you add Route Insurance at checkout then your order will be insured. This means if your package is lost, stolen or damaged then you will be able to file a claim on the package. If your claim is approved then you will have the option to reorder or refund the product. We can assist in claims if need so, but, we are not liable for these damages.

  • Link to Route Insurance claim center here

Delay or failure of delivery through the shipping service will not be Deskr's responsibility. Any factors outside of Deskr's control will not be considered for a replacement or refund.