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Immerse your setup with our new Lily Pad collection!
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Transform your desk into a natural oasis with our new Lily Pad collection! The serene beauty of the swampy or clear waters found in our collection is sure to add a touch of tranquility to your workspace.

With our high-quality deskpad, you can easily immerse your keyboard and mouse in a lily pad-covered environment. The detailed design provides a realistic look that can transport you to a peaceful pond.

Our Lily Pad collection is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their workspace. Whether you're working from home or in the office, this collection is sure to bring a breath of fresh air to your setup.

And with our new HD Series™️ material, you'll enjoy a smoother glide, softer finish, and more vibrant look than ever before. Invest in the Lily Pad collection today and transform your workspace into a serene oasis.



      • Dark Green water, light green lily pads and white flowers


      • 900 x 400 x 4mm (35.43 x 15.75 x 0.15 in)


      • Branded Deskpad Sleeve Bag
      • Custom Branded Packaging
      • Blue Circle Logo Sticker


        • HD Series™️ material
        • Soft & Smooth Polyester (Top)
        • Anti-Slip & Eco-Friendly Rubber (Bottom)
        • Premium Stitched Edges (Print over Design)
        • Machine Washable (Cold, Low Tumble)
        • Dye Sublimated Print for Long Lasting Quality


        Orders ship out within one business day. Holidays may add additional shipping and handling time.

          Featuring anti-slip rubber

          High density material

          Soft & Smooth texture

          Premium and vibrant

          Comfort and quality ergo

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 12 reviews
          Hailey Biggers
          It's HUGE!

          It's super smooth, very big, the print quality is very well done and it got here around 4 days. The stitching is also pretty good and my mouse glides on it quite easily, originally I was really skeptical since there wasn't that many reviews but the review by Harley down below pretty much sold me. Love this mousepad!

          Hey Hailey,

          Thank you for giving us a chance. Your setup looks amazing!


          Stephen Ybarra
          Lily pad

          The quality and glide on this pad is amazing. Will be shopping here again

          Brookelyn Phillips
          Deskr Mousepad

          I ordered the item two days before it arrived, very fast delivery. It's very smooth, stitching is well done, and I am in love with the design. Worth it.

          art widd
          good item

          good stiching, good quality, site was pretty bad didnt work very well but im happy with the product

          Hey Art,

          Thank you for your review! Happy to hear you like the deskpad, as for the website is there any specific feedback you would like to provide so we can further improve it. Thank you :)


          Andrea Giraldo Reinolds
          LILYPAD Mousepad review

          i really love it, it’s super smooth and visually appealing. It came right on time. It matches my green setup and i’m really happy i got it. Reasonable price too. 10/10 :)